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10 May 2022

Windows USB Support for Ant+ - libusb0-win32

by Stuart Lynne


Fitness_Dashboard uses uses the libusb0-win32 library to communicate with the libusb0.sys driver that provides the actual communcation to the Ant+ device.

N.B. There are various other solutions that are available, but they are not guaranteed to work and in some cases DO NOT work properly.

In particular the libusb-1.0 library is a newer version of libusb0-win32 but it lacks some features that are supported in the older driver.

Specifically in systems that have multiple Ant+ devices that are shared between multiple programs, e.g. Zwift and Trainer Dashboard, libusb-1.0 fails to prevent the different programs from using the same device.

Failure to use the correct driver may cause any programs that use Ant+ devices to fail to operate correctly.

Checking Ant+ Driver Installation

Various programs such as Zwift may have already installed the correct libusb0-win32 libaries and drivers in your system.

You can check what is being used with the Windows Device Manager.

Look for the libusb-win32 devices, you should see ANT USBStick or similar. Click on that, then select the Driver Tab and then Driver Details.

Device manager  

Changing Ant+ Drivers using Zadig

If you do not have libusb0-win32 installed you can correct it using the Zadig program.

Download: Zadig homepage

Download, unzip and run the zadig exe.

Once you have run it, click on Options and click on the List All Devices menu item.

The find your Ant+ devices (you will need to do this for each one), select each, select the lib-win32 driver and click on Install Driver.


Other Windows Issues

Generally if you are having issues with programs not working, the first thing to do is uninstall the device, with drivers, using the Device Manager.

Then unplug, replug the devices and use Zadig to install the drivers again.


Generally Zwift works well and cooperates with other programs.

If there are any issues try running Zwift first, and Fitness_Dashboard after Zwift has set up its devices.

Trouble Shooting