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Fitness HRV

The Fitness HRV family of apps are intended to provide a framework for logging and analysis of training data in real-time.

Currently there are two applications available in Alpha release:

Currently Fitness applications are only available for Windows 10 and 11.

MacOS availibilty is pending.


Sample ECG Fitness Dashboard

Fitness_Dashboard captures Ant+ and BLE dat from power meters, heart rate monitors, fitness trainers and various other devices.

The data is displayed in two ways. First is a set of graphs showing various statistics. Second a large display of the current values for the statistics from each device being monitored. The intent is to provide the equivalent of of a cycling computer with a much larger and easier to read interface suitable for using when training indoors.

Currently supported:

Example: Sample Dashboard

Sample ECG Fitness ECG

Fitness_ECG captures heart rate and ECG data from a Polar H10 heart rate monitor. This is displayed as an ECG trace and heart rate graph over time.

The application supports:

Example: Sample ECG Live

Ant+ and BLE

There is a wealth of data available from our training devices, power meters, heart rate monitors, fitness trainers, etc.

These provide device specific data via Ant+ and BLE using various standards. Typically Ant+ devices broadcast data and it is easy to capture the data without interference with other programs that are also using them. BLE devices are more limited in the number of connections they support and will usually require pairing to work correctly.