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18 March 2023

v0.23 Update

by Stuart Lynne


The v0.23 release of Fitness Dashboard is finally out.

This has several new major features:

All of the above ended up taking longer than I had originally planned for, and unfortunately because I was working in parallel on them it was impossible to find a stable release candidate before now.


Going forward these are the areas I’m targeting:

FIT Files

I’ll generate a more in depth description of the FIT file support when I get time.

Currently data from each sensor is saved separately with a Record Message using the device_index to determine which device the data was collected from.

Specifically for Heart Rate Monitors:

- RR, correction information and  NN data is saved
- DFA Alpha1 and if available ECG data (Polar H10 and Movesense)

For Power Meters:

- TSS, est kCal

There is a separate Python command line utility, fitextract, that can extract any and all workout data from FIT files. See Git Archive for fitextract.